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Why Choose 21C?

21C provides a transformative and integrated teaching solution that blends successful teaching practices of recognised and progressive UK maths teachers with high-grade curriculum content and ground-breaking, interactive software.

AI-Powered Personalised Learning

The 21C platform uses AI to deliver personalised lessons, adapting to each student's learning style and pace

Interactive Virtual Classroom

21C integrates short video lessons designed by highly experienced, specialist maths GCSE teachers from the UK

Engaging Learning Environment

With gamified tasks and interactive quizzes, 21C's platform makes learning maths fun and engaging


Augmented Teaching

Lessons delivered by maths-trained teacher avatars blending AI accuracy with human personality

Teacher Support Tools

Features a comprehensive range of tools that enable teachers to create lessons efficiently and reduce administrative tasks

Data-Driven Insights

Real-time data dashboards for monitoring class and individual pupils' engagement and performance

Our Platform Solution

21C ensures top-tier maths teaching standards with the added benefit of being a highly cost-effective solution


How It Works

21C recognises that pupils learn in different ways and at different paces. We understand that the challenge for teachers is to be sensitive to the individual student and, at the same time, adhere to curriculum structures, maintain overall class standards and teaching momentum.

21C uses new and proven adaptive teaching methodologies that promote deep learning with blended skills practice to build a holistic understanding of maths.

With 21C, every teaching module is segmented into micro-lessons with content delivered in an engaging way. Each micro-lesson contains a video, a slide-show and a range of formative assessment questions, allowing students to test their knowledge and practice while they are learning.

We use AI technology with adaptive algorithms to monitor and respond to individual pupils’ skills retention as well as progression. We have developed our teaching platform so that it constantly checks that students have learnt all of the preceding skills, not just the most recent skills, to make sure that students are really thinking about what they’re doing, not just following the process, and to ensure gaps in knowledge are rapidly identified and addressed.

Early Endorsements

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As a long-standing consultant for State Schools in finance, I endorse 21C’s digital learning system. It improves maths teaching in classrooms and aids students needing extra help. My two-year experience with 21C convinces me it’ll meet most teacher needs.
- John Milne, Co-founder and MD of Constellation Group, a former Headmaster and Principal
As a seasoned consultant for State Schools, especially in finance, I commend 21C for its impact on teachers and students. This digital system bolsters maths education in class and remotely. With two years at 21C, I’m confident it’ll satisfy key teaching needs.
- Julian Geary, Independent Education Advisor to Academies and Local Authority Schools
Knowledge Platform’s collaboration with 21C, based on years of digital maths education expertise, has been crucial in developing their teaching platform. Our combined knowledge of children’s learning styles and digital innovation tackles significant educational challenges for teachers and students.
- Mahboob Mohammed - CEO, Knowledge Platform Singapore
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