The All-In-One GCSE Maths Teaching Platform for UK and International Schools​

Student Engaging, Video & Content

Teacher-friendly, Learning Management System (LMS)

Comprehensive lesson planning and curriculum customisation tools

Reduces stress and manages teachers' workload, improving staff retention

Adaptive data algorithm with machine-learning

Dynamically adjusts lesson content and difficulty in real-time, tailored to each student's learning style and needs for optimal engagement and retention

Pre-worked solutions with real-time formative assessment, marking system with individual analytics

Enables personalised and rapid feedback on every student’s performance

Collaboration tools including discussion forums, message boards, group projects and live chat features

Enable students and educators to connect and work together more dynamically.

Gamification of learning tasks to enhance engagement

Encourages pupil concentration, curiosity, and continued interest

Dashboards with complete data analytics for monitoring class and individual pupils' retention and progression

Gives teachers, students and parents insights into learning progress and performance, and helps inform future learning needs

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Live and on-demand viewing powered by cloud-based video engine
accessible in class, home and travel settings to study, complete assessments and homework

Compatible with other systems such as Google Classroom, Canvas, and other video conferencing and educational software
easily integrates and deploys with existing school IT infrastructure

Hosted on Amazon Web Service Cloud platform 'AWS'
trusted, reliable and scale-able technology for multi-site facilities

Fast, responsive, intuitive, multi-media quiz engine API
offers access to wide range of test and assessment formats

State of the art, AI

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